Natural Healing in Cambodia

When I came to Cambodia in 2006, it was hot on the heels of having discovered that things like energy healing and herbal medicine work. Since then, I’ve become so convinced of their efficacy, they no longer seem any more “miraculous” to me than my morning caffeine fix does.  Last week I wrote about a Cambodian Natural Cancer Cure. I’m happy to report that Sopheak’s auntie came over the other day smiling and happy and looking even better than she had the week before. Her skin was a little pale, but not yellow and her eyes were sparkling.

Some time ago, I reposted a story from an old blog on my Sihanoukville Journal. Called Surrealistic Pillow, it is the story of how a cousin was cured of multiple personality disorder or spirit possession (depending on your point of view). After having witnessed the incidents, I’m inclined to think the latter was a more accurate description of her condition. The young woman is fine now. She recently held a job at our local supermarket after having spent 2 years working in Malaysia as a nanny, where she learned to speak English. Previous to her “exorcism”, she had always been plagued by bouts of possession and had never been able to hold down a job.

The traditional healer at work

A few years ago, a young girl we took to the beach broke her arm when she fell off a coconut palm. At that time, we didn’t have a doctor in town who could set bones, so we anticipated a long trip to Phnom Penh. Someone had a better idea, though. They knew of a Thai natural healer who lived in the country outside of Sihanoukville. We drove there and within an hour, he had set the bone, wrapped her arm in a herbal mixture that relieved her pain and fashioned a splint. Her arm healed in record time.

Patient smiling minutes after having her broken arm set by traditional healer

Even I have had some success as an energy healing “practitioner.” One day I bought a strong chemical floor cleaner, which my wife’s mother enthusiastically applied to the floors. She got a horrible allergic reaction to it – so bad her eyes were swollen shut. I did a meridian tapping sequence that was meant for allergies and a little other “voodoo” and lo and behold, it worked! I repeated the sequence 3 times and each time the swelling and redness were incrementally lessened.

About a year ago a small packet of Oreos caught my eye in a local market. I took them home and sat down and enjoyed them with a cup of tea. About 15 minutes late, I got a horrendous case of stomach cramps followed by several severe bouts of diarrhoea. Instead of rushing me to the doctor, Sopheak rushed down the street and pulled some bark off a tree. She boiled the bark in water, carefully boiling down the liquid from 3 tall glasses to 1. I watched some of the process in agony and then had to prolong my agony while I waited for it to cool enough to drink. Dubious about its efficacy or taste, I finally took a tentative sip. It didn’t taste bad, so I took a long swallow. The instant the liquid hit my stomach, I felt relief. By the time I finished the glass, the stomach cramps and diarrhoea were gone. She made me drink two more glasses that evening and just before bed. Even though I felt fine, she said I had to get all the bad out of my stomach. Although I think the reason for the terrible reaction was probably because the Oreos were long out of date, I nearly puke when I see them now, which is probably a good thing.

I stopped riding my bike or even walking for about six months because it caused so much pain in my right knee. A doctor had convinced me that the only cure was to go to Vietnam and get surgery. I should have been suspicious, because some herbal tablets I had taken earlier worked “miraculously”, but unfortunately I was unable to replace them and the pain gradually worsened. Finally, about 3 months ago, I got a second opinion. I went to CT clinic and got an xray and blood tests done. The doctor said it was arthritis and asked me if I wanted to take a pharmaceutical medication. When I said no, he suggested I try glucosamine. My knee felt better within 3 days and I am back on my bike again.

I believe we have been conned by the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry our entire lives. I’m sure there are natural healing con artists out there, too, but the first thing we need to do is see through the more pervasive con of what some call the medical mafia. I recommend subscribing to the Health Ranger newsletter and reading some of Mike Adams’ articles. They are real eye openers.

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Born in Southern California, Rob Schneider migrated to Australia in 1985. He is currently living in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, where he works as a freelance content writer.
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