A Random Musing about Meditation

I did something unprecedented yesterday: I meditated. By that I mean I sat down with my hands folded together in my lap, closed my eyes and watched my breath go in and out while repeating a “secret” mantra I learned almost 45 years ago. Back then, I meditated almost fanatically, but as the years passed, I gradually eased off on any sort of formal or regular practice.

Yesterday morning I felt completely scattered and torn between work, breakfast and a bike ride. Recognising my lack of focus, I took the previously mentioned steps and meditated for about 15 minutes. When I finished, I felt focused and refreshed and wisely chose a morning ride instead of jumping straight into work.

As I road to the beach, it struck me just how transformative a simple exercise like that can be. Colours and sounds are in sharper focus, with greater depth and clarity. Feelings seem to be more benevolent and compassionate. Thoughts become more optimistic and altruistic. In other words, meditation seems to have the power to make one a better person.

On the downside, in my case, at least, it can be hard for me to shake off that feeling of peace and get back to my “real” life. That’s one of the reasons why I rarely meditate anymore. Amgdala clicking or whatever you want to call it works like a kind of active meditation for me, so I usually stick with that.

Anyway, yesterday passed with hardly a shred of work getting done, so I’m behind today and don’t have time for a long post, but I wanted to share my musing with you. I reckon the best medicine is whatever works to make you happier personally and wish for the happiness and wellbeing of others. If we all did that, imagine what a wonderful world this could be.

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Born in Southern California, Rob Schneider migrated to Australia in 1985. He is currently living in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, where he works as a freelance content writer.
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