Getting into Gamma Brain Waves

np3_changes_brainwavesMost of the brainwave entrainment products out there focus on meditation and deeper states of consciousness. That’s fine. In fact, that’s great. We Westerners tend to operate on fast forward too much of the time. It’s nice to take a break from our normal beta wave waking consciousness once in awhile and explore the deeper realms of consciousness. However, there are times when it’s valuable to ramp up the brain waves. That’s where getting into gamma brain waves comes in handy.

I’m writing this because I had a remarkable experience with a Transparent CorpĀ  session the other day. I’ve been trying to devote at least 10 minutes a day to writing a book, but with all my other writing work to do, it’s not easy. I sat down at about 6pm to write and was so tired, I could hardly think. After writing a paragraph, I decided to see what the Brainwave a Day was that day. It turned out to be a 20 minute gamma session. I downloaded it, started listening and went back to work. 10 minutes or so into the session, I went back to that opening paragraph and started rewriting.

What had been a single paragraph describing the little house I stayed in while building our home in Cambodia turned into a far more descriptive series of paragraphs that brought that important phase of my first year here into sharper focus. It was in that tiny house that I was introduced to the resident ghost and had my life threatened by a possessed girl. It was also there that the spirit of her deceased sister was made to leave her body. Of course I was going to write about those occurrences, but in rushing to get to them, I failed to fill in the bigger picture. Without that, the rest makes little sense and sounds too unbelievable.

Anyway, what started out as a listless attempt to write ended up lasting for a very gratifying 2 hours. Then hunger overcame me, so I stopped and went out for dinner.

The gamma session on Brainwave a Day was random, but if you’re interested, you can download NeuroProgrammer 3 for free and try it for 2 weeks. I recommend trying a range of sessions and if one doesn’t seem to work for you, try the meditative sessions designed for restless individuals who have a hard time entering into trance states.

If you really get into it and want to learn all about brainwave entrainment from the experts, there’s a live webinar coming up from September 23-26, 2013. You can find the details here.

Rather than explain gamma brain waves here, I’ll let this infographic from Transparent Corp explain it to you or you can go directly to the Transparent Corp blog where it originally appeared.

By the way, if you do purchase NP3 or another Transparent product, I’ll get a commission. Thanks in advance.

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Born in Southern California, Rob Schneider migrated to Australia in 1985. He is currently living in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, where he works as a freelance content writer.
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