The Cancer Files

UPDATE SEPT 29 2013: It came to my attention that some people could not download the PDFs. I’ve fixed that and you shouldn’t have any problems now.

UPDATE JULY 27 2013: Nearly two years have passed, so I don’t think releasing these files to the public for free will dig into anyone’s profits too much. You can access the PDFs directly by clicking the links below.

Sometime around October 2011, two things happened simultaneously:

  1. My wife’s aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was confirmed by a biopsy and the doctor at the Russian hospital in Phnom Penh recommended sending her home to die because treatment would kill her anyway. She was sent home and then a local healer treated her with herbs and she recovered.
  2. While this was going on, I was in the middle of listening to a series of lectures by alternative cancer experts. The audio files were free to listen to while the “Cancer Summit” was being held, but you had to pay for them if you wanted to keep them. I never pay for anything if I can help it, but I paid for these.

I’ve written a few blogs and articles about cancer and have received a few requests for more information, including the whereabouts of the Cambodian healer. That I can’t give you. I hesitate to give my personal opinion because I am not an expert on the subject, but I can offer these PDFs. For more information or to purchase the audio tapes, follow the links on the PDFs.


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