Sea of Joy

Sea of Joy LogoSea of Joy is a Soul Surfer’s guide to consciousness exploration. We begin our search with the brain because the brain is where most of us believe consciousness resides, though no one has actually found it there. Some very skilled surfers have, however, found where in the brain some fascinating states of consciousness reside and these are worth exploring themselves. But as we look more closely at the brain, we’ll discover what William Blake was talking about when he wrote, ‘to see a universe in a grain of sand and infinity in an hour.’ And then our search will be over. Or maybe it will have just begun.

Sea of Joy is a work in progress. I’ll be adding chapters from time to time. As they are completed, I’ll add links to the chapters below:

  1. The Triune Brain
  2. The Split Brain
  3. The Holographic Brain
  4. The Psychedelic Brain
  5. Beyond the Brain

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