Are You a Zombie or One of the Sheeple? Take the Test and See

As you have probably noticed, I’ve added a sticky post at the top of my home page. It currently includes links to two of my favourite affiliate sites. Right now I want to introduce you to Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. I’ve joined The Natural News Store affiliate program because I’ve been following his newsletter and blog for some time now and trust his integrity.

The quote below is from his recent article, The top ten signs that you might be a zombie. I happen to be a big Ron Paul fan because, like David Icke, Mike Adams and a few others, he sticks with his convictions regardless of their affect on his popularity. Now that the public is waking up at least a little bit, perhaps his time has finally come. I’m not as keen on Occupy Wall Street. Although I like the message, the movement has no cohesion and therefore, in the short term at least, has no real teeth. With an election looming, I believe Ron Paul is the only practical hope for America and by extension the world.

Anyway, I’m not here to dictate to you. Read the whole article and see what you think.

Sign #9: If you find yourself rooting for any presidential candidate other than Ron Paul, you’re probably a political zombieRon Paul is the only Presidential candidate who has offered a genuine balanced budget all the other candidates want to keep spending us into financial oblivion. Ron Paul is the only Presidential candidate who stands firmly for health freedom, ending prohibition against medical marijuana, legalizing the farming of industrial hemp, and allowing nutritional supplement companies to make accurate, scientifically-validated health claims for their products. All the other candidates are just corporate puppets who have nothing to offer America other than a continuation of the problems that have driven our nation into economic and political turmoil.To vote for Romney, Perry, Cain or even Obama is to mindlessly vote for continuing the same broken system of puppet Presidents who answer to their corporate globalist masters just like Bush.

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Signs That You Might Be Part of the Herd

Here’s another article I came across, this time on Reddit. Mike Adams doesn’t make the distinction between different types of zombies or “sheeple”. This article mentions what I find to be the most annoying ones of all. I couldn’t help but add this to my growing collection of articles on the subject. Please read the whole segment, if not the whole article. It may even be better than Mike’s.

The ‘Quasi-Intellectual’ Sheeple:

My favorite kind of sheeple. These people hold themselves in very high esteem. Some even see themselves as part of the elite (though most of them are not). Normally from the “professional class”, they often hold positions as Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Investors, Professors, Scientists, etc, though some have not yet left the university setting, and are simply getting a head start on their superiority complex.

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The Curse and the Rabbit Hole

The Curse of the InternetI write here under a pseudonym because many of the things I want to write about fall outside the parameters of my usual writing work. Anyone who is interested can find out who I really am in about 30 seconds. An example of my more mainstream work is The Curse of the Internet. In it, I write about how the internet costs jobs. The majority of my sources (over 200 in all) are mainstream sources like the Wall Street Journal, the Economist and CNBC. This was by design, since the book was written for a mainstream audience.

In my private life, there’s nothing more I like to do than explore fringe theories. As you may have discovered, I take people like David Icke seriously. I also take texts like the Book of Revelations seriously. In a nutshell, I see the real conspiracy as something much larger and more universal than whatever is happening currently. It happens first on a much more cosmic level. As Jesus is attributed to have said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” In other words, there are universal truths and the “facts” as we perceive them on this temporal/spacial level are just pale reflections of a far greater drama.

Anyway, doing research for The Curse of the Internet was a sometimes painful process because my sources were so often bland mouthpieces for conventional wisdom (propaganda?). They were asking me to believe that everything was ultimately under control and that the experts would sort everything out for us. Because the name of the publication is Forbes or Business Week, I am automatically meant to defer to any opinions these “august” publications provide. Sometimes, to my surprise, they did provide me with the statistical information I needed, even when it contradicted the incredibly skewed information the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other government organisations offered. For example, I learned that the unemployment figures we are given today are different from those we were given in 1993. This was intentionally done to make it look like unemployment remained a minor problem in the US when in fact it was becoming a major problem as far back as the 90s.

I don’t want to make this a long post, so I’ll “cut to the chase” and get to my point. You don’t even have to read the alternative news or subscribe to a conspiracy theory to learn there is something very wrong with the world today and that we are on the brink of enormous change.

Personally, I’m not that interested in pointing the finger at whoever may be to blame at this point in history. When America was dropping bombs on Cambodia during the Vietnam War, most Cambodian villagers didn’t even know what they were, much less who was dropping them. Had they known, it wouldn’t have made any difference, but if someone had told them the bombs were coming, some of those who listened could have gotten out of harm’s way.

As a writer, the best I can do is stop chasing the rabbit, climb back out of the rabbit hole and try to forewarn my fellow global villagers to the best of my ability. As an individual, all I can do is try to protect my family and myself as best I can. I suggest you do the same.