Searching for Obama

The TPP - an identifiable threat

Note: Please also read the following post: An Identifiable Threat. We needn’t be “conspiracy theory nuts” to join together against identifiable threats to our welfare and security.

After years of exhaustive research, I, Rob Schneider, investigative journalist extraordinaire, have uncovered the truth about Barack Obama! Searching for Obama was an exhausting ordeal, taking me to the depths of Google and the jungles of YouTube, but it was worth it. You won’t believe what you are about to learn, but I have documented evidence that proves once and for all that Barack Osama Obama is not who any of us believe him to be!

Obama is NOT a U.S. Citizen!

obama's forged birth certificate

Forged! It says so right there on his birth certificate! Click image to visit source site.

The theory that Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen has been with us since he became President, if not before. There are whole websites devoted to proving Obama was born in Kenya and that the birth certificate he finally revealed due to public pressure was a forgery. Moreover, his real birth certificate shows that he was born in Kenya!

The image reproduced here comes from a website called Our Constitution Matters. Why does it matter if Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United States? Because the Constitution says in no uncertain terms that the President must be a natural born citizen. Of course, a Constitutional lawyer as clever as Obama could easily re-interpret that to mean a President must be “naturally born” and not a result of artificial insemination, so whether or not his birth certificate is a forgery is possibly a moot point.

Obama is a Muslim!

Proof! Obama is a Muslim! Click image to read source article.

Along with speculation that Obama is not a U.S. citizen came the news that he was a Muslim. Irrefutable proof of this has been presented on countless websites over the years, but the public still refuses to believe! The document at left is evidence, but researchers have uncovered far more than just this — enough evidence, in fact, that one in five Republicans still firmly believe Obama is a card-carrying Muslim posing as a Christian.

It is certainly understandable that Obama’s campaign managers would want to debunk such a shocking revelation. According to them, he is a devout Christian who attended Trinity United Church, a church headed by pastor Jeremiah Wright Jr., who preached black liberation theology. But did he? As this next piece of evidence proves, Obama was actually living in Afghanistan during the 20 years he allegedly was attending church in Chicago!

Obama and Osama bin Laden are the same person!

obama is osama

Proof! Osama bin Laden and Obama are the same person!

The revelation that Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden are the same individual came to light more recently. Someone noticed that without the beard, bin Laden bears a striking resemblance to Obama. Using their Photoshop skills, they spent weeks producing this YouTube video that proves once and for all that they are indeed one and the same individual. Seriously, watch the video and you, too, will be convinced. The eyes, the ears, the mouth, the ears and even the shape of their faces are uncannily alike. True, Osama bin Laden looks a little worse for wear, but that’s probably because he was living in a cave in Afghanistan before being shipped to the U.S. to be groomed to become President of the United States.

Obama is an Alien!

Proof that Obama is a shapeshifting reptilian! Click image to visit source site.

I like David Icke. I really like his reptilian agenda angle and think that on an allegorical level, at least, he’s on to something. I find taking it literally a little hard to swallow, though. This photo proves otherwise. Barack Obama is a reptilian alien come to earth (or from beneath the earth) to further the reptilian agenda of world domination!

In case you don’t know about the reptilian agenda, it’s a theory that aliens inhabited the earth thousands of years ago and began interbreeding with humans. Millions, maybe billions, of humans have reptilian blood flowing through their veins, but the British royal family, the Rothchild’s, and other fabulously wealthy and powerful families have interbred over the centuries to make sure the reptilian bloodline remains dominant in their family lines. Reptilians like these are shapeshifters and at times, they accidentally reveal their real bodies. The photo above proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama is one of those shapeshifting reptilians.


Every good investigative journalist summarizes their findings in the final paragraphs, so here you have it. The person we know as Barack Obama is a full-blooded reptilian shapeshifter who was born in Kenya. He then moved to Indonesia, where he attended an all Muslim school. Then he was adopted by the bin Laden family. He didn’t like his family, so he became the terrorist known as Osama bin Laden. Then he was shipped to the United States, given back his birth name and groomed to become President of the United States in order to overthrow the country and turn it into a reptilian slave colony.

Who is Obama, Really?


Human evolution a result of alien “invasion”?
Image found on Facebook. Source unknown.

Okay, I’ve had my fun. Who is Obama, really? I still have no idea. In my opinion, identifying Obama as Osama bin Laden is highly unlikely, if for no other reason than there are plenty of photographs of Obama during the years he was supposed to be active in the Middle East. There is also strong evidence that bin Laden died in 2001. If that’s so, is Obama the resurrected anti-Christ, as many Christians believe?

I was kind of hoping Obama wasn’t a U.S. citizen when that news surfaced. If he wasn’t, then maybe America would finally have a President who had a global world view instead of the myopic vision of his predecessors and fellow U.S. citizens. He has been so disappointingly American in his world view, though, I find it hard to believe he wasn’t born and raised in the States. He’s so White American, in fact, I find it hard to believe he’s even half-black.

I don’t believe Obama is a Muslim any more than I believe he’s a devout Christian, so that leaves us with the alien alternative. That one still appeals to me, but, as I said above, only on an allegorical level. I could be wrong, of course, but I’m not ready to take the leap from allegory to reality when it comes to shapeshifting reptilians. I’m not ready to take the leap from allegory to reality when it comes to Jesus, either, for that matter. I do, however, believe strongly in the power of myth (I think myths are at least as real as reality) and the myth David Icke espouses may just turn out to be the defining myth of this age.


The reptilian mind

Substitute “sociopath” for “reptilian” and the idea of reptilians becomes more palatable. In his role as President, he represents a sociopathic power structure that has no regard for humanity. Driven by greed and a hunger for world domination, that reptilian power structure will stop at nothing to achieve its goals. It can be seen at work in global financial institutions, corporations, governments and the military. Even institutions that seem to be humanitarian are under its control.

Millions of people feel the oppressive weight of power descending on them. “Why were suckered into the War on Terror?” they ask. “Why were the financial institutions bailed out instead of the average person?” they wonder. Looking for answers online, they see it all laid out for them by David Icke. Even other “conspiracy nuts” like Alex Jones, who used to viciously attack him, have come out in his support. Others say he does the “movement” a disservice with his “outlandish” beliefs, but that hasn’t stopped hundreds of his critics in alternative media from getting their material from the David Icke Headlines pages.

When “you know something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is,” your imagination can bring all your worst fears to the surface. What’s more frightening than a reptilian alien who is more intelligent than any human and whose only agenda is domination and subjugation?

There’s another word being tossed around on alternative news sites: “Illuminati.” In most of the important ways, “Illuminati” and “reptilians” are virtually synonymous, but Illuminati is easier to believe for those of us who try to confine reality to our familiar world. Lest you think Illuminati is a recently coined term, here’s a quote from George Washington: “It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am.” For more information, read this article: Verified Warnings From Former Presidents . . . .. Like the song says, “and you know there is something happening here, but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones.” Well maybe we do.

Sympathy for the Illuminati

With deepest apologies to the Rolling Stones and for my terrible poetry:

Blake's Lucifer

Lucifer - William Blake

Please allow us to introduce ourselves, we are men of wealth and fame.
Although you think you know us, you do not know our name.
You used to call me Lucifer and that’s just fine with me,
But we are legion now, so call us by our new name, the Illuminati.

A long, long time ago, I was just like you, struggling to make ends meet,
Selling gold in London town on a little backend street.
Then one day it dawned on me, no one knew how much was in my vault.
I started lending money. You were dumb enough to take it: it really wasn’t my fault.

I was doing pretty well, more than getting by,
But greedy as I am, I needed more, just to keep me high.
Then one rainy morning, fate stepped in and lent me a hand,
A great and powerful leader needed money for his scam.

He asked me for a loan and I asked him for how much.
“As much as you can give me, I really need a bunch.
Yeah, I know it costs a lot to wage a war,
but when I win I’ll give you back much more.”

We struck a deal, the war took place and the King was in my debt.
Then I hatched a plan to rule the world, making a safe bet.
Why not lend some more, this time to the enemy,
And when the war is over, the winner surely will be me?

I needed help in my endeavours, but that was easily done.
The lights of greed and power are brighter than the sun.
I sent out a clarion call and I sounded my great horn.
Then before I knew it, the Illuminati were born.

We set a date and made the world our goal.
This war would last forever and we would have it all.
We would bankrupt nations and bring them to their knees.
With everyone indebted, we could then do as we please.

You saw through our ruse and stopped our victory train.
Now our days are numbered, but spare us your disdain.
We wanted to stay well hidden, creatures of fear and awe,
Lest when you saw our fragile bodies, you laughed at what you saw.

Let us tell you one thing more before we go,
It’s something you really need to know.
You are the real Illuminati,
That’s a fact we never wanted you to see.

Are the Illuminati Enlightened?

I just googled “manifesting abundance” and took a look at some of the blogs and websites devoted to the subject. The first thing I noticed was that they all contained the same New Age buzzwords.  They talk about the fact that we live in a vibrational universe, that with positive thinking we can achieve our dreams and that by tapping into the universal Law of Attraction, we can draw wealth into our lives. In other words, in the parlance of the abundance gurus, spirituality is equated with wealth. It follows, therefore, that one can ascertain another’s level of spiritual advancement by their level of wealth.

Illuminati on dollar

The All-Seeing Eye of the Illuminati

The Illuminati are said to be the wealthiest people on the planet. Who are the Illuminati? Some call them the Economic Elite. Others call them the Shadow Government. Call them what you like, they are the small fraction of the world’s population that pulls our economic and social strings.

If “money is energy” as the New Age gurus suggest, the Illuminati have actually created money out of thin air and alchemically transformed it into fantastic wealth and power. They are therefore the most “spiritual” individuals on earth.

Enlightenment is another one of those words that means different things to different people. It can be interpreted in the sense of the Age of Enlightenment, when the printing press brought intellectual “enlightenment” to the masses and materialism began to replace blind faith in religious authority. Others define it as spiritual enlightenment. The broadest definition of the word includes anything that illuminates consciousness.

david icke australia tour

Click image for details about David Icke's Australia/New Zealand tour

Seen in this broader context, the Illuminati are by definition enlightened. If that’s the case, we should all happily pay tithes to them and seek to emulate them in our own lives. In America, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing since the time of the Founding Fathers. I think it’s time we re-examined our values and priorities.

Rather than waste my time or yours with more words, I’ll let you watch this David Icke video. I think David Icke understands what’s been going on in the world at all levels of consciousness better than most. This video is what inspired this post and really the only reason for my teaser title was to get you to watch it, so please do. Thanks.


The Tarot, Activism and Existential Angst

The tarot card shown here is a perfect symbolic image of how many of us feel today. In the 4 of cups, a young man sits cross-legged under a tree contemplating his available options. Each cup represents an option.

As with all tarot cards, there are many ways this card can be interpreted. The young man does not look particularly disturbed, so perhaps he is quietly considering his options before making a choice. On the other hand, since he does not know what’s inside the cups, he may be unable to make a decision. One cup is being offered him by a mysterious floating hand. Why doesn’t he accept it? Perhaps he is suffering from a form of existential angst known as aporia.

An article titled 10 Psychological States You’ve Never Heard Of introduced me to the concept of aporia.  This is an excerpt from the article’s definition:

The term comes from ancient Greek, but is also beloved of post-structuralist theorists like Jacques Derrida and Gayatri Spivak. The reason modern theorists love the idea of aporia is that it helps to describe the feeling people have in a world of information overload, where you are often bombarded with contradictory messages that seem equally true.

Do you ever feel that way? I certainly do. For some years, the only news I believed was the news the alternative media offered me. I still have more faith in that than I do in the mainstream media, but it is abundantly clear to me that many alternative news sources have their own agendas – especially now that they are becoming mainstream and newer sites compete with older, established sites for traffic. I’ve seen some real truth stretching interpretations of current events recently. For example, in the lead-up to the recent Thailand elections, somebody suggested putting Thaksin’s sister on the opposition ticket was the work of the CIA on behalf of the Illuminati. They pointed out Thaksin’s Illuminati contacts, but failed to mention that the then ruling Prime Minister, who was educated in the United States, probably had just as many or more cosy relationships with members of the Illuminati. For my part, I was glad the elections went the way they did, because now Thailand is leaving Preah Vihear to Cambodia and no longer engaging in border hostilities.

I’ve recently become intrigued by Ron Paul, but some of the more extreme global conspiracy sites tell me he is just another Illuminati puppet. What am I to do? I like what Ron Paul has to say about the reasons why the U.S. decided to engage in a War on Terror (paranoia and imperialism, basically) and I like the way he replies to those who sneeringly call him a “conspiracy theorist.” I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, I may vote for a President if he gets on the ticket – for the first time in my life.

You see, I’m like the guy in the tarot card. I have never voted because I have never seen a viable candidate. They all said the same things in different words. Way back in 1971, when I reached voting age, I could clearly see America’s future. It wasn’t because I was psychic – it was just so obvious. I don’t regret not voting in the past, because a vote for one party or the other wasn’t going to change anything. Nor was revolution the answer – it would just cost lives and provide no solutions. There is a need for governance, but governments need to be governed as well. I never saw a truly populist candidate and America as a whole was still so full of enthusiasm for itself, it never even considered the needs or rights of the greater global community.

That may be the case again, but I’m rethinking my position. If there is an opportunity for change without entirely destroying the system, perhaps Ron Paul represents that opportunity. Is he the cup that is being held before us? I don’t have the answer, but for the first time in my life, I’m seriously thinking about voting.

I want to close with a quote from a great article I recently read called The Tenfold Path to Guts, Solidarity and the Defeat of the Corporate Elite. It’s on Bruce Levine’s website and he wrote it:

While we need critical thinking to effectively question and challenge illegitimate authority – and to wisely select the best strategies and tactics to defeat the elite – critical thinking can reveal some ugly truths about reality, which can result in defeatism. Thus, critical thinkers must also think critically about their defeatism, and realize that it can cripple the will and destroy motivation, thus perpetuating the status quo.

He goes on to mention William James, who often became depressed because of his inability to do anything about American imperialism in his generation (it’s nothing new):

William James (1842–1910), the psychologist, philosopher, and occasional political activist (member of the Anti-Imperialist League who, during the Spanish-American War, said, “God damn the US for its vile conduct in the Philippine Isles!”) had a history of pessimism and severe depression, which helped fuel some of his greatest wisdom on how to overcome immobilization. James, a critical thinker, had little stomach for what we now call “positive thinking,” but he also came to understand how losing belief in a possible outcome can guarantee its defeat.

This hasn’t really been a spiel in favour of voting for a candidate. It’s about not sitting on the sidelines apathetically because there’s nothing that can be done. It’s a personal declaration of my intention to stop sitting under a tree contemplating my options. I’ll taste what’s in the cups that are before me and while I may continue sitting under a tree, I’ll take out my laptop, write about the things that matter and hope for the best.