Thomas Campbell, William Blake and John Lennon: A Strange Symbiosis

Tom Campbell

Well, I’ve finally finished listening to all 18 segments of a Thomas Campbell lecture. I still like him, but don’t feel like I’ve learned anything new. I think he would agree that it is not his intention to teach anything new: his intention is to get his listeners to explore consciousness in their own way, through personal experimentation and exploration.

William Blake

At the same time I was listening to Tom Campbell, a quote from Wm. Blake kept popping into my head, but I couldn’t remember all of the words. Finally, I paused the video and googled the few words I could remember: “or be enslaved by another man’s.” This is the result I got:

“I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.”

My curiosity sated, I went back to listening to Thomas Campbell. He did have a lot of interesting things to say and it was fascinating to see how he had come to so many realisations using the language and symbolism of physics. To me it was a demonstration of the truth of the old adage, “Many paths lead to the same goal.”

Towards the end of the video I had just about convinced myself that I had nothing else to say about Tom Campbell’s Big Toe other than to point out that he points out that he deliberately gave his book the title, My Big Toe instead of The Big Toe. The reason he did it was to emphasise that he was not advocating following his path, but encouraging others to follow their own. Then, as if by magic, very near the conclusion of his presentation, during the Q&A session, he said this:

“You must develop your personal big picture from your personal experience.”

Let’s compare this with what Wm. Blake wrote, 200 years ago:

“I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.”

Jacob's Ladder, by Wm Blake

Wm. Blake was a visionary artist. Tom Campbell is a physicist. They occupy different mythological landscapes but find common ground in the same ultimate reality. If you wade through Blake’s poetry, you find that behind the darkness in the struggle between good and evil is light and love. After wading through Campbell’s presentation, I discovered his ultimate message was the same:

Question: “You say that by eliminating fear and ego and lowering entropy you become love?”

Answer: “Yes. Consciousness is love. Spirituality is love.”

So there you have it. How many times does it have to be said, by how many teachers, before we get it? As Thomas Campbell and William Blake say: ultimately we have to create our own system and follow our own path. Why? As Campbell says with a shrug: “That’s just the way the system works.”

Just one more thing before I go. I’m a big advocate of brainwave entrainment, because it is an easy and relatively safe way to experience altered states of consciousness. Tom Campbell learned to leave his body partly by using brainwave entrainment technology. He happened to use Robert Monroe’s Hemisync program. In fact, I think he helped develop it. Does he advocate Hemisync? He was asked this question towards the end of the lecture. Basically, he does advocate learning and practising meditation, but using brainwave entrainment or learning to leave the body are optional. When asked, “Does entering other realms lower entropy?” his reply was short and to the point: “It does not. It’s not important.”

As John Lennon said: “All you need is love.”

David Icke and the Reptilian Brain

This morning, I finally finished the book I’ve been working on. Called The Curse of the Internet, it is about how the internet and related technologies are decimating the job market. A commissioned work, it’s not the book I want to write, but I managed to squeeze some of my deeper beliefs into the conclusion and, in an indirect way, put a plug in for David Icke. I’ve been following Icke since 9/11 when I went online to see if I could find out what that was really all about. David Icke’s Headlines gave me the information I needed: all was not as it seemed.

Not knowing anything about the guy, I explored his website further. He talked about alien reptilian bloodlines manipulating mankind. I wasn’t sure about the literal truth of what he was saying, but I was convinced by the metaphorical truth of it because I had already started exploring the human brain. For one thing, it seemed pretty obvious to me that those who run the show were operating largely with their primitive reptilian brains. This, combined with the cold, calculating logical left brain, made for a rather diabolical global scenario.

I guess David Icke and I are on a similar wavelength, because yesterday I stumbled across this great video. It’s all about the reptilian brain and how those who want to control and dominate us operate on fear, not compassion, decency or any other more spiritually evolved level of consciousness. It doesn’t take long to listen to it, so please do.

When I first stumbled across David Icke in 2001, he was just starting to be taken seriously, but only by those of us on the fringe. In more recent years, I’ve seen his name crop up in a lot more places. I’ve also seen many of the events he predicted then unfold. I’m not surprised: they have been unfolding as I, too, believed they inevitably had to. That’s not because I’m awesomely psychic – it’s just because it was so blatantly obvious that it was the plan.

Anyway, I’ll let David Icke do the talking. He’s much better at it than I am. Don’t miss the ending – John Lennon singing Mind Games: “Love is the answer.”