David Icke and the Reptilian Brain

This morning, I finally finished the book I’ve been working on. Called The Curse of the Internet, it is about how the internet and related technologies are decimating the job market. A commissioned work, it’s not the book I want to write, but I managed to squeeze some of my deeper beliefs into the conclusion and, in an indirect way, put a plug in for David Icke. I’ve been following Icke since 9/11 when I went online to see if I could find out what that was really all about. David Icke’s Headlines gave me the information I needed: all was not as it seemed.

Not knowing anything about the guy, I explored his website further. He talked about alien reptilian bloodlines manipulating mankind. I wasn’t sure about the literal truth of what he was saying, but I was convinced by the metaphorical truth of it because I had already started exploring the human brain. For one thing, it seemed pretty obvious to me that those who run the show were operating largely with their primitive reptilian brains. This, combined with the cold, calculating logical left brain, made for a rather diabolical global scenario.

I guess David Icke and I are on a similar wavelength, because yesterday I stumbled across this great video. It’s all about the reptilian brain and how those who want to control and dominate us operate on fear, not compassion, decency or any other more spiritually evolved level of consciousness. It doesn’t take long to listen to it, so please do.

When I first stumbled across David Icke in 2001, he was just starting to be taken seriously, but only by those of us on the fringe. In more recent years, I’ve seen his name crop up in a lot more places. I’ve also seen many of the events he predicted then unfold. I’m not surprised: they have been unfolding as I, too, believed they inevitably had to. That’s not because I’m awesomely psychic – it’s just because it was so blatantly obvious that it was the plan.

Anyway, I’ll let David Icke do the talking. He’s much better at it than I am. Don’t miss the ending – John Lennon singing Mind Games: “Love is the answer.”